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Who Names an Island After a Pair of Shorts?

So, here we are in beautiful, sunny Bermuda.  No, scratch that.  The wind has been blowing a steady 28 knots since it chased us into St. George Saturday morning and, along with intermittent rain, and 60 degree temps, will continue through at least Thursday.  

The sail down the Bay from Indian Creek was bracing, to say the least.  Broad reaching at 9-10 knots all the way to the Bay tunnel and into the Atlantic.  Then it went calm for most of two days and we had to motor just to stay inside our weather window.  The trip quickly went into transit/delivery mode just to get here before the aforementioned winds killed us.  We did have one 24 hour period when we actually sailed, close-hauled though it was, in 16-18 knots of breeze.  The highlight of that day was validating Randy’s power strategy.  The combination of solar panels, wind, and hydro generators kept the batteries at full charge even with all electronics, the fridge/freezer and Hammie-the-autopilot running at full chat.

It was cold enough to run the heater in the evenings to keep everyone toasty.  A bonus of the heater is it flows through the water heater as well, so hot showers for the crew.  We were able to stay rested and well fed as we stood three hour shifts with six hours down time.  Galley detail rotated daily so everyone got to display his/her culinary skills.  

We were even successful at catching a fish on Randy’s day to cook.  Fried filets with Cole slaw.  Fresh off the hook.  The next day we caught another, only too small for three of us, so we released it for another time.

After clearing Customs and getting our Covid tests, Bill flew back to Maryland.  Our friend Mallory, from Des Moines, arrived wearing shorts and a tank top wondering, along with the rest of us, where-the-hell is the Bermuda High?  Oh, well.  We went to the market and we have Sarsaparillas (read cocktails) and beer on board; so let it blow, let it blow, let it blow!




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  1. irene


    or an atoll after a swimming costume? happy thanksgiving to the three of you, we’ll virtually raise a cocktail or two with you tomorrow

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