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On the Road Again

Ready to drop the dock lines from Oxford Boatyard.  What a beautiful and welcoming town.

So, we finally got away from the dock for good this time!  


Heading out at 7am with the sun warming us ( a bit).  Randy looking a little smug about his prowess at leaving such a challenging slip.  No bow thruster…. anyone want to try a 60′ boat exiting a 50′ fareway?

We headed down the Bay to Solomon’s Island and then to Indian creek, where we sit tonight awaiting our departure for Bermuda tomorrow.  

36F feels so good on a crisp November day.


The weather has been pretty chilly with a BRISK boisterous sail to Solomon’s and a pleasant motor sail down to Indian Creek.  The trees along the Bay are changing beautifully right now, so the sail has been fun.  

Our crew, Bill has been a good addition.  He is interested in learning the boat and is adept at sail trim (something I’m a bit lazy with).  

Bill and Randy enjoying a morning sail

Nancy, of course is her busy self, navigating and weather plotting to beat the band.  We have had the heater running each evening and actually during the sail today.  It sure takes the edge off of 40 degree breeze.  

The big news is nothing has broken and everything seems to work now.  We got the last parts for the new water maker on Friday and got them connected in time for departure.  


We have unlimited water now.  Warm showers for everyone!  Look for us in Bermuda by the weekend?



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  1. Lee Reid


    Hey Guys, Lee here from our meeting at the bar in Oxford a few weeks back. Have been thinking about y’all with the poor, early November weather and if delayed. Looks like the delay was a blessing in disguise since you got so much done. Hope your trip out to Bermuda has gone according to plan. Be well!

  2. Reply

    Good to see you made it to Bermuda. It looked like you had reasonable wind most of the way. Looking forward to your next post and interested to know what sail plan you used with the wind behind most of the way.

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