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Getting in and Heading out!

From the Boss to the Travel Lift to the water… the team at  Safe Harbor Oxford boatyard  make it look easy.  They have been amazing for the 2+ years we have been here.  Randy and I only sweated a little bit watching our future home moving across the yard.  



Next came the “in the water” projects… July on the Chesapeake without A/C.  Randy knocked out project after project; even those that were unplanned.  We were in a bit of disarray but Zephyr soon turned into our home.  Graham, the marina manager loaned us his personal drop in A/C unit.  Just one example of the kindness we have experienced here in Oxford.  






Speaking of Oxford, there couldn’t have been more welcoming town.  Yet, it’s time for us to start our shakedown and get out there sailing. Will everything work?  We hope so, and we’ll just keep going.  We’ll head out next week and if all goes well for a few days cruising around the Chesapeake Bay, we’ll start our journey north toward Maine!  There are many places to love on the way up north and we have no timeline.  We were married 22 years ago on Block Island, RI, so that will be a target for a night or two for sure.

We miss our best buddy Dusty terribly.  Lucky boy, he has more love than he knows what to do with as part of his new family back in our Des Moines neighborhood.  Dusty is with a family of 6! Plus all the neighbors he knows and loves.  Here’s to you buddy!


Arrival and Zephyr’s new bottom

Last uhaul coming to Maryland from Des Moines!  The house is empty and renters move in July 8.

The first look at our shiny, refreshed boat.  Zephyr is almost ready to launch.  Just a few more working days and we’ll be enjoying boat life once again.  Many thanks to Jason and crew at Oxford Safe Harbor marina for the bottom paint and buff.  She’s looking beautiful!  

And apologies to the starlings who did not want to leave their massive nest in the boom.  You guys loved Zephyr too but it’s our turn!  

We’re finding space to store clothes for multiple seasons, dishes, pots/pans, spices (!), and on and on.  


Today the fire safety inspector comes to check out our 4 (!) fire extinguishers and our fire boy.  A fire boy is an automated fire suppression system, with ours situated in the engine room.  Along with massive holes in the hull, fires are the most common reason one may have to abandon ship.  Great to have this gear in good working order!  

Speaking of the thing we hope never to use, here is our new life raft all mounted at the stern.









Randy has been finishing countless projects.  We’ll share in a separate post.  However, here’s one example.  I am sitting here at the nav station creating this post on my iMac, which is plugged in using the inverter to create 110 power off of our new battery bank… all being charged by our new solar panels!

on the starting block

Randy and I have been prepping for a long distance “race” since 2017 when we purchased Zephyr, our 60′ Sundeer sailboat.  I vividly recall the day Randy said “… I bought our boat.”  Since then we have done our best to care for her and bring her to a McGuire level of shipshape.  Some shapeshifting along the way for Zephyr and for us.  I finally retired this past April.  Yay!  

Now we’re on the last leg of the race with putting all of Randy’s winter of 2020/2021 projects in place.  I keep ordering throw pillows.  Don’t ask me why.  I’m just ready.

Today the 2nd coat of bottom paint goes on; it’s green!  Zephyr is going to be beautiful.  We are wrapping up our affairs in Iowa.  Getting the house ready for renters, moving our stuff out, managing to get our mail and financial affairs in order.  Seeing family and friends and just celebrating summer.