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So, we finally ditched the cold weather in Bermuda.  After 10 days of rain and wind we set out for Antigua on a pleasant, sunny day.       Randy checking our progress! The first couple of days we endured variable winds and spent some time motoring.  But on the third day out things began

On the Road Again

Ready to drop the dock lines from Oxford Boatyard.  What a beautiful and welcoming town. So, we finally got away from the dock for good this time!     Heading out at 7am with the sun warming us ( a bit).  Randy looking a little smug about his prowess at leaving such a challenging slip. 

Curses, Foiled Again

A short haul to clean and inspect the bottom after a summer in the Chesapeake!  She looked much better going back in a couple hours later.  Unfortunately we just have the “before” photo.   So, here we are, still in beautiful Oxford.  At least I got the heater connected!  Tuesday we left the dock and

on the starting block

Randy and I have been prepping for a long distance “race” since 2017 when we purchased Zephyr, our 60′ Sundeer sailboat.  I vividly recall the day Randy said “… I bought our boat.”  Since then we have done our best to care for her and bring her to a McGuire level of shipshape.  Some shapeshifting