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Getting in and Heading out!

From the Boss to the Travel Lift to the water… the team at  Safe Harbor Oxford boatyard  make it look easy.  They have been amazing for the 2+ years we have been here.  Randy and I only sweated a little bit watching our future home moving across the yard.  



Next came the “in the water” projects… July on the Chesapeake without A/C.  Randy knocked out project after project; even those that were unplanned.  We were in a bit of disarray but Zephyr soon turned into our home.  Graham, the marina manager loaned us his personal drop in A/C unit.  Just one example of the kindness we have experienced here in Oxford.  






Speaking of Oxford, there couldn’t have been more welcoming town.  Yet, it’s time for us to start our shakedown and get out there sailing. Will everything work?  We hope so, and we’ll just keep going.  We’ll head out next week and if all goes well for a few days cruising around the Chesapeake Bay, we’ll start our journey north toward Maine!  There are many places to love on the way up north and we have no timeline.  We were married 22 years ago on Block Island, RI, so that will be a target for a night or two for sure.

We miss our best buddy Dusty terribly.  Lucky boy, he has more love than he knows what to do with as part of his new family back in our Des Moines neighborhood.  Dusty is with a family of 6! Plus all the neighbors he knows and loves.  Here’s to you buddy!


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